Monthly Archives: September 2009

This post may seem entirely ironic coming from me, but it’s truth is (in my eyes) inarguable.

The recent influx of media fueled interruptions has really got me shaking my head and pulling a Picard facepalm here. As I watch the Facebook links and catch up on TDS on Hulu, I’m saddened and baffled that people think that what we are sensationalizing is acceptable behavior by todays societal norms.

Kanye West’s recent outburst at the VMA’s, Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President of the United States’ speech, The countless angry and rather vociferous outbursts at the numerous “Town Hall” meetings across our fair country and the almost inconceivable fear fueled babble coming out of the “Washington Tea Party” is building up to what promises to be the embolism of embolisms in my frontal lobe.

At what point did we decide that the mindless yawing that is produced on “teh intarwebz” is acceptable behavior for polite society? When did we decide that telling an elected official of Jewish heritage that President Obama is the equivalent of a modern day Hitler was acceptable for a public venue?

Through this cacophony of impoliteness of tactlessness I have come to one conclusion: as an intarwebz professional, I have only myself to blame. I have politely stood by and born the brunt of all of the slings and arrows of the internet population, smiling all along, politely responding and at times, acquiescing to their demands and ultimatums. By my reactions and responses to said behavior I have validated it and furthered its perpetuation throughout society.

That being said, I would like to apologize, to the world, for helping to unleash this recent wave of abrupt behavior. While I cannot promise to cease or desist in my efforts to further legitimize this mindset, it is my job to do so, I am deeply sympathetic for the behavior of certain denizens of the internet bleeding into every day society.

There is a time and a place for brutal honesty, I agree. There is a time and a place to call someone out, on this I also agree. However, there is also a time and place for tact and dignity, which seems to be lacking in today’s beleaguered public discourse.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a political rant. I don’t care about your politics, I don’t want to know your opinion on Health Care,  just like I doubt you give two shakes of a lamb’s tail about mine. This is a rant on the degrading of politeness in our society, nothing more.