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The community I represent has seen a recent decline in the number of bloggers it has. This is a monumentally sad thing for me as I’ve always seen blogs as an extension of the “real” player base, not the vocal minority you find on message boards. Generally speaking, and I realize there are exceptions, bloggers are the average every day folks who play on a relatively “normal” (all things are relative) schedule. Thus, their views and opinions can often give insight into the actual pulse of the player base.

It saddens me to see certain people basically give up on a game, saddens me even more if there is a chance I helped contribute to it, but I can understand frustration. I love the game I work on, and I know deep in the bottom of my heart that we have a lot of new and exciting things happening, but I also know that gamers, especially MMO gamers, can be a fickle bunch, as well they have the right to be. In today’s market there is little margin for error when it comes to pleasing your subscribers. Rarely will lightning strike twice, as it has for CCP/EVE lately, and what was once considered normal attrition is now super hyped and sensationalized as if to make it seem that a game is failing when in all reality its doing well and making money. But I digress…

What’s the future to hold for our blogging community? Well, my golden lining voice is telling me that “they’ll be baaaack”, sooner rather than later. Why? Because I’ve rarely seen such a supportive and tight knit group of bloggers before and I can’t imagine that if we, as a company, give them good reason to come back that they wouldn’t.

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  1. arbitrary said:

    It’s really one of the tightest communities I’ve ever been in, and I love the game for giving me that and many friends. I think, blogwise, I’m veering away from wanting to talk about it, in case discussing games in too much detail is what put me off, rather than the fun game Mythic provided.

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